The Study of the Shoah (the Holocaust): Complexity and Dilemmas

Rabbi Manes Kogan

This course was taught at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University from 2004 to 2006.


Dealing with Complex Concepts (33 KB)

Films on the Shoah (28 KB)

Gibson's father interview (68 KB)

Personal Testimonies -
Complexity and Dilemmas
(27 KB)

Shoah (20 KB)


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Reading Materials (.pdf)

Niewik, Donald & Niocosia, Francis: The Columbia Guide to the Holocaust (3.9MB)

Gilbert, Martin: Atlas of the Holocaust (1.9 MB)

Roth, John: Appendices (2.6 MB)

Gilbert, Martin: Chronology (382 KB)

Hilberg, Raul: The Killing Center (482 KB)

Baur, Yehuda: As Sheep to the Slaughterer? (1.3 MB)

Levi, Primo: The Gray Zone (1.8 MB)

Rubinstein, Richard: The Dean and the Chosen People (1.7 MB)

Arendt, Hannah: Duties of a Law Abiding Citizen (2.8 MB)

Goldhagen, Daniel: Eliminationist Anti-Semitism (6 MB)

Todorov, Tzvetan: Facing the Extreme (13.7 MB)

Todorov, Tzvetan: Fragmentation (13.7 MB)

Todorov, Tzvetan: Despersonalization (1.37 MB)

Browning, Christopher: Initiation to Mass Murder (1 MB)

Browning, Christopher: Reflections on a Masacre (441 KB)

Additional Reading Materials

Hilberg, Raul: "Implications" in The Destruction of the European Jews (500 KB)

Davidowicz, Lucy: A Retrospective View (13.7 MB)

Hilberg, Raul: "Precedents" in The Destruction of the European Jews (1.7 MB)

Eliach, Yaffa: Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust (360 KB)

Oshry, Rabbi Ephraim: Responsa from the Holocaust (133KB)

Sarmiento, Domingo: Facundo: or, Civilization and Barbarism
(230 KB)


Reading Guides

Art Spiegelman's Maus (131 KB)

Primo Levi's Survival in Auschwitz (27 KB)

Reading Guide to Browning & Todorov (20 KB)

Eichmann in Jerusalem - A Report on the Banality of Evil (44 KB)

Hitler's Willing Executioners - Reading Guide (52 KB)



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