The Study of the Shoah (the Holocaust): Complexity and Dilemmas

Rabbi Manes Kogan

This course was taught at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University from 2004 to 2006.

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Holocaust Theology - Syllabus

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Selection of Jewish Texts on God and the Problem of Evil

Isaiah 45 (157 KB)

Deuteronomy 32 (388 KB)

Amos and the Meaning of Jewish Chosenness (252 KB)

Berachot 5a (365 KB)

Bur Because of our (Sins) - Siddur (276 KB)

Avot 4-19 (258 KB)


Jewish Theological Responses: an Overview

Suffering and Evil - Schindler (1.26 MB)

Where is God Now (791 KB)

God and the Holocaust (23 KB)

Holocaust Theology - A Reader (87.5 KB)

Holocaust Theology - A Reader (3.62 MB)


Jewish Theologians Views on the Holocaust

Richard Rubinstein on the Holocaust (19.5 KB)

Introduction to Richard Rubinstein's the Dean and the Chosen (392 KB)

The Dean and the Chosen People

Eliezer Berkovits on the Holocaust (24 KB)

Introduction to Eliezer Berkovitz (227 KB)

In the Beginning Was the Cry (583 KB)

Irving Greenberg on the Holocaust (23 KB)

Introduction to Irving Greenberg (404 KB)

Cloud of Smoke, Pillar of Fire (5.82 MB)

Introduction to Emil L. Fackenheim's - The 614th Commandment - 314 KB

The 614th Commandment (693 KB)

Introduction to Elie Wiesel's Selections from Night (414 KB)

Selections from Night (752 KB)

Introduction to Lawrence l. Langer (1.46 MB)

The Dilemma of Choice in the Death Camps (1.46 MB)


Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Views on the Holocaust

The Holocaust According to the Book Aish Kodesh (26.5 KB)

The Lubavitcher Rebbe on the Holocaust (44.5 KB)

Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman & the Holocaust (27 KB)

Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum & Holocaust (20 KB)

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef & the Holocaust (56 KB)

Menahem Emanuel Hartom on the Holocaust (20.5 KB)


Modern Orthodox Jewish Views on the Holocaust

Norman Lamm on the Holocaust (42 KB)

Prayer in the Shoah - Halivni (3.37 MB)

Holocaust Indictments (2.72 MB)


The Religious Response During the Holocaust

Responsum 9 - Kirschner (1.67 MB)


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